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Naples, FL. SEO – Expert Search Engine Optimization HQ’d in Beautiful Naples

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You are tired of unresponsive, over-promising and under-delivering SEO “experts”.

We are an American SEO company (headquartered in Naples) and we outsource 0% of our work! All SEO services are provided by actual code, content and A.P. style experts you can actually talk with.

We SEO websites of any size or complexity and have experience working on dynamic sites as large as half a million pages or WordPress sites as focused as 3.

spike organic traffic seoSEO services include

  • consulting
  • keyword research
  • website HTML or .php code quality assurance
  • image & media SEO
  • Google products setup and management
  • XML, HTML sitemaps creation
  • schema (microdata)
  • general web coordination
  • more

SEO pricing

All pricing is standard and our work is transparent(yes we actually prove our work!).

  • $5000.00 – START Local SEO service (No contracts) is a 3 month term and it’s for local/regional focused businesses.

If your business is nationally focused or covers local products and services nationwide, no problem. But above pricing does not apply. I am currently working on local SEO projects in nearly every region of the US. Call me for estimate and references.

  • $1000.00/mo (minimum) – ONGOING Monthly Local SEO Service is only available after initial 3 month Local SEO service.

SEE POLICY PAGE for pricing information. I am currently directing & consulting with multi-nationally focused corporations along with local businesses in Naples, Florida and across the US. – Stephen James Hall, CEO, SEO Director,

Popular Florida cities for SEO Services besides Naples:

Depending on scope of work or necessity, I travel to any Florida (or US) location to meet with my clients in person. Current Florida small business clients include ones in Orlando, West Palm Beach, Naples, Everglades City, Boca Grande and other. The multinational corporations I work with target every city in Florida as well.

The proof is in the results and I can show you page 1 results in nearly every Florida city (and most across the US too!).