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Expert search engine optimization services prices.

seo services Search engines are the new phone books. Search engine optimization entails increasing the number of people who visit your web from search engines via target keyword phrases.

Our expert search engine optimization service includes consulting, keyword research, code quality assurance, image & media search optimization, analytics setup and management, webmaster management, sitemaps creation & general web coordination.

3 Month Local SEO Package
Brand: Stephen James Hall
Ongoing SEO Services
Brand: Stephen James Hall
Starts at $500.00

These are my current SEO prices.

$3000.00 – Local SEO service is a 3 month term and it’s for local/regional focused businesses. It may take a month or more to seeany improved results and it may take up to 3 months to see noticeable results on search engine returns pages. It depends on local market competition.

$2000.00 – Google specific SEO with no ongoing management.(normally under 1 week to complete)

$500.00 – Monthly SEO Service is only available after initial 3 month SEO service since the majority of code and website usability issues are addressed within the first month of work.

$150.00/HrSEO Consulting & Recovery. On location consulting available from Everglades City to Ft Myers FL.

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