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My name is Stephen James Hall, I live in beautiful Naples, FL. I’ve been optimizing (Local SEO) websites for search engine visibility since 2004 with my main focus during this time being, of course, Google search and it’s related search products like Maps, Images and now, Google Home.  As such, I’m very experienced with their Search Console, Adwords and Analytics and I’m an avid follower of pretty much all tech GOOG. I have already begun considering voice and in home devices(other than computers, phones) in my work and I’m hearing great results.

SEO Director – OK Google.

That’s me. I’m currently working as Director of SEO for an international lead generation company more than full time. I’m also consulting with a dozen other clients in different industries and working as an “Organic SEO specialist” for yet more, as time permits. Prospective clients should be aware of my current time constraints.

What does a Director of SEO do?

I do anything necessary to put the millions of URL’s I manage on an upward trend. Then I keep these “assets” on that path until they reach positions that make my company’s CEO happy with my team and the trajectory of organic conversions.

This includes managing very talented engineers, SEO specialists and content writers while aligning their efforts with the goals of the company. I conduct in-depth analysis of markets, competitors, user experience, code, content etc. I also ensure any new product is search friendly “out of the box”.

What does an SEO Consultant do?

I help my clients understand the underlying principals of search engine optimization then I either walk them through planning and implementation or I do it all, myself… including what would normally be considered the jobs of the SEO specialist and content writer.

The experience I’ve gained over the last 13 years includes work in the insurance, manufacturing, retail, construction, medical, school, lead gen and many other industries. My resume includes work with many local businesses as well as consulting/qa experience with inter-nationally focused corporations.

Important SEO factors: As of 2017, a few of the current important SEO factors are page-speed, mobile friendliness (responsive), original content & images and an active social presence.(same as 16)

If your company is headquartered outside my area(Naples Southwest Florida) I may travel to your location depending upon the scope of work involved. Normally remote communication is more than sufficient.

Beyond SEO, I’ve also built many, many websites with WordPress. It’s been my favorite CMS for almost a decade. Aside from web design and SEO which I love! I enjoy playing disc golf and boating in Estero Bay, and eating out with my true love Mary over by the beach somewhere.

Stephen James Hall – 239.777.1556 (that’s my personal number please note I am EST time zone lol)