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For a local website to have the best possible search engine visibility, experienced SEO is a must. I work on local websites hands on and I consult with nationally focused companies too. Stephen James Hall – 239-777-1556, Naples, FL.

On-Site SEO includes research, website markup quality assurance, code editing, content editing, speed and mobile friendly optimization, Google Products integration, social media management and more.

Ongoing local and on-location consulting available in Fort Myers and Naples area. I also consult with clients and direct teams remotely, using management tools like JIRA.

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If a #DIY #SMB or company owner needed to SEO their own website, reading my blog would set them on the right track. Looking for help? My web design services include onsite SEO. –

Stephen James Hall

Google SEO Tools

The following Google tools are not “SEO tools” exactly, just tools that I use regularly for SEO purposes Google Page-speed Checker This one is normally first. Run a URL through the page-speed tool to  see where you can improve your website speed. And yes...

Naples, FL. SEO

Expert SEO Services based in Naples, Florida. For SWFL businesses in need of a heightened search engine presence and a responsive developer. SEO consulting services too.

WordPress Site Titles SEO

The WordPress site title is one of the most important pieces of the /wp SEO puzzle. The site title appears very prominently on Google or Bing search returns pages when your home page is being displayed.

Google SEO Basics

Getting cached by Google is easy, they are very, very efficient at gathering new pages. A couple tweets, a few links on Google plus, you’re cached. To rank well in a google search is another story…

SEO, Internal Linking

When I add internal links to a website my goal is to enable a natural flow of information, making the website more user friendly. Don’t just add random in-links ‘because it’s good for SEO’. 

WordPress SEO, Categories

Making sure your categories are customized will make your website more search engine friendly in the most fundamental way, the URL.

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naples swfl local seo services

Naples, SWFL SEO Services

My local SEO will increase the visibility of your Southwest Florida area company website.

Organic SEO

What is organic SEO? The non-paid for results on a search engine results page.

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Get current SEO pricing information, policy & non-disclosure information.

SEO Consulting

I’ll help you and your team understand SEO and implement standards compliant strategy.