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Expert Local SEO Services & Consulting for Your Naples Florida Area Company. “All Your SEO are Belong to Me!” – 239-777-1556 – stephenjameshall.seo(@)

I am an SEO consultant and I also direct for a multi-nationally focused lead generation company. There is about a 6 month wait for SEO services at the moment. My consulting services start at 175.00 per hour with an 8 hour minimum.

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I currently manage around 2 million URL’s for a dozen companies. I’m not taking any new local clients at this time. If you’d like for me to direct your content/ux/engineering teams SEO efforts, the best way to initiate a chat with me is on Twitter.

Expert SEO Services

For a website to have the best possible search engine visibility, experienced SEO is a must. Stephen James Hall – 239-777-1556, I live in Naples Florida year round, It’s not just a word in my web page title 😉

On-Site SEO includes keyword and competitor research, website markup quality assurance, code editing, content editing, speed and mobile friendly optimization, Google Products integration, social media management and more. Ongoing SEO includes management and content building.

Ongoing local and on-location consulting available at your local area company location. I also consult with clients and remotely direct teams across the US. All website SEO is done here in Naples by me and contracts are not required because I get results. Pricing & Policy.

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Free local SEO help in my SEO guide. Need a Website? My web design services include onsite organic and local optimization.

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Naples SEO Project, Local & Multi-National

I have been working with Weber Design Group for about 6 months now. I created the first and second drafts of their new website & consulted with them extensively during the re-design phase. Their site is a 1500 page eCommerce one with advanced search functionality,...

Naples FL SEO

What does a Director of SEO do? I do anything necessary to put the millions of URL’s I manage on an upward trend. Then I keep these “assets” on that path until…

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Naples SEO Services

My expertise in local SEO will increase the visibility of your Southwest Florida company website.

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What is organic SEO? Ethical SEO – considering non-paid for results on a search engine page.

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I’ll help you and your team understand SEO and implement standards compliant strategy.