local seo services naples floridaI’m Stephen James Hall, 239-777-1556, and I live in Naples, FL. I do not take the word expert lightly I have over a decade of experience. Visit the policy page in the menu for current SEO prices.

SEO Consulting

A business website that is more easily findable through search engines can increase leads and sales, sometimes greatly. If you want more unique traffic generated through Google search I can help. From local SEO to extensive work and/or consulting on large corporate webs, I’m experienced.

SEO services include:

  • Website status & search presence consulting
  • Experienced market & keyword research
  • Website repairs and code optimization
  • Image & video optimization
  • Google Products™ management
  • Social media pages optimization
  • More!

Search engine optimization entails increasing the number of people who visit your web from search engines. This is done using a mixture of original content, standards compliant code, and social networking optimization.