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My name is Stephen James Hall, I live in beautiful Naples, FL. I’ve been consulting with and providing SEO services companies about their SEO (search engine optimization) since 2004. I currently consult with and manage the websites of many local and national companies.

I am also Director of SEO for 2 multinational corporations (lead gen & architecture) and manage 2 million +/- URL’s for them.


Stephen & Mary

Stephen & Mary

SEO Consulting, Web Design, Graphic Design

OK Google, My name is Stephen James Hall. I live in beautiful Naples Florida year round and am Currently Director of SEO for 2 multinational companies, one headquartered in Naples and the other headquartered in Detroit, MI.  I oversee organic search engine visibility including very talented design and engineering teams part in it. I also develop and collaborate on new products to ensure ‘out of the box’ search friendliness. My most recent large project was SEO coordination for the launch of an over 420,000 page website in the education lead generation industry.