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SEO Services Pricing

Search engines are the new phone books. SEO entails increasing the number of people who visit your web from search engines.

Our SEO services include consulting, experienced keyword research, code remediation, image & media optimization, analytics setup and management, sitemaps creation & general web coordination. SEO Service Packages

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  • 1 month Google specific SEO package price is $795.00.
  • 3 month Local SEO package price is $995.00.
  • 6 month Corporate SEO package price is $5995.00.
  • Custom optimization is available for any sized business.
  • Term of services required may vary depending on market competition.

Payment forms accepted: Check or Money Order & a variety of crypto-currency including Bitcoin, Litecoin, & Quark.

Experience in the Insurance, Manufacturing, eCommerce, Home Improvement, Medical, Non Profit, Real Estate, and other Industries.

Our affordable  SEO package prices will increase the findability of any business website. - Stephen

3 Month Local SEO Package
Brand: netometry
Google Specific SEO Package
Brand: netometry
Corporate SEO Package
Brand: netometry