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“Long Tail” Keyword Phrases, SEO.

The Long and Short of It.

Long tail keyword phrases are consumer keyword phrases, usually containing 3 or more words, with which a search engine user will focus their query in order to obtain more relevant search results.

An example: “Bathroom Fixtures” yields a variety of manufacturers and sources from a mixture of regions. “Kohler Bathroom Fixtures Boston” may yield very different results and be an applicable long tail phrase if you sell that certain brand of bathroom fixture from a showroom in the Boston area.

long tail keyword phrase seoIf one were to add header tag <h1, h2, h3…,

link with title tag and good anchor text,
or some other kind of highlight like underline or italic to the long tail keyword phrase, that would be smart.

These emphases make the phrases more noticible to people and search-bots.

When thinking of long tail phrases to add to a website, common words I’ll consider adding to page and title content are ‘buy online’(if it’s an eCommerce site), get, find & the location if it’s a regional business. Stephen James Hall

Tutorial: simple explanation of long tail keyword phrases in SEO.

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